Friday, April 15, 2011

French Inspired Blue Fondant and White Floral Cake

I decided sometime last week that I was going to start my own baking business.  While I am still working on building a website (I bake cakes...not websites so this will be a work in progress) I have finally decided on a name.  I are all in suspense.  I'll release it when I get my website up.  Besides, I don't want my hard work with an email focus group to go to waste ;).

In order to get my business in order, there are many MANY things I need to learn.  I took a tall cakes class this week to learn the concepts of stacking a tall cake.  I've been scouring the net for weeks for ideas and I couldn't narrow them down until the night before.  Quite convenient really, when I've got a very needy active toddler on my hands.  The fact that she unloaded every single one of my linen drawers in my kitchen was just going to have to happen if I was going to get this thing done.  Quite surprisingly, she enjoyed the cake baking.  She knows the sound of my Kitchen Aid mixer.  So much so, that when she hears it, she is at my ankles... immediately..... waiting for her turn to lick the beaters.  I tell you, it is more gratifying than any cake to watch her do that.
This didn't all run completely smoothly, though.  I made the fondant myself.  Although I have made it before successfully, for some reason, the night before this thing was due, it was giving me H-E --double hockey sticks.  Thankfully, my husband takes great orders and helped resolve the problem.  You can see the fondant is a bit bumpy as a result.  For a test cake....I'm cool with that because it saved me $40 in buying the fondant pre-made.  

I made the flowers out of 3/4 gum paste 1/4 fondant mix.  I realize the flowers don't exactly match.  I needed a smaller cutter but driving out to the cake store was not an option for me.  So I improvised with what I had.   I like both flowers--but they probably belong on separate cakes.  

I LOVE the way the top flower looks.  Very whimsical and classy.  I love the little button details.   It would be perfect for a wedding, anniversary or special birthday.  The smaller daisy ones are more cutesy.  Probably more appropriate for a beach wedding or birthday.  Overall, I like the contrast and will have to work on an improved version of this cake.
I tried a few new recipes with this as well.  Like last time, I was left unimpressed.  Therefore, I am not posting the recipes this time.  Both cakes were too "wedding cake" tasting to me.  Unlike the design of the cake, the cake flavor was dry, and unmemorable.  (Except for my wedding cake of course....I still dream of that thing!)

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