Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cherry Almond Scones with Vanilla and Lemon Zest

Up until this weekend, I was unsure if I liked scones.  The last time I made scones I was just beginning to do a lot of 'from scratch' baking.  I was very novice an unsure of how to kneed dough and what it should look like.  As a result, the scones didn't really turn out well.  They were dry and bland.  This could have entirely been based upon the recipe chosen (I would usually get recipes off All Recipes...because it was the only place I knew at the time).  

After watching too much Food Network on a Saturday afternoon, I printed up several recipes I wanted to try.  This one sat in my recipe folder for awhile and I finally decided Easter morning that I would whip these up to go with the quiche I made for Easter brunch.  I originally wanted to make Neiman Marcus' pop overs with strawberry butter but these babies only take 15 minutes in the oven--the popovers would have to take a back seat this time.

The result?  Completely tender, completely flavorful and utterly satisfying.  I loved these scones and would absolutely make them again.  It would be a great basis to add any fruit or nut.  The only thing is, I may check out a few other recipes--these were almost too good so there is a possibility they had a bit more sugar than needed.  Another thing I would change--the size of these things!  The recipe said to cut into 6 pieces but these were way too big.  You could definitely get 12 out of this recipe and serve them with tea.  My only alteration was adding vanilla extract.

Check out the recipe, here.

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