Friday, January 16, 2009

Healthy Dinner Alert: Black Bean Tacos

With these chilly temperatures we are getting in the Detroit area this week my mind is focused on one thing, spring! I think I am in for a long wait.

The good thing is I can take myself away in an instant with the food that I make. These tacos scream warm weather but, thankfully, can be made any time of the year.
I found these in none other than my Bon Appétit magazine. I’ll admit, I initially skipped over reading about these because there was not a picture right next to the recipe (DOH!), until my friend from California called me to say “Oh my, Court! I just made the black bean tacos from Bon Appétit and they were so good, I am making them again today for lunch!” So when I needed something quick to make for dinner that required me NOT to leave my home in these arctic temperatures…I knew these were the tacos for me.

I love these tacos for 3 reasons: They are super quick, they are actually very healthy, and….drum roll…they are delicious!

Bonus: This is a great hearty meal for you vegetarians that even a meat lover will rave about!

Black Bean Tacos
Courtesy of: Bon Appétit magazine, February 2009 issue

1, 15-oz can black beans, drained and rinsed. (I used fresh black beans)
½ teaspoon ground cumin
5 teaspoons olive oil, divided
1 tablespoon fresh lime juice ( I added zest of the lime also)
2 cups coleslaw mix
2 green onions, chopped (I omitted but that is just my preference)
1/3 cup fresh cilantro, chopped
4 white or yellow corn tortillas
Hot sauce

In a medium sized bowl, mix cumin and beans together. Partially mash the beans.

In a separate medium sized bowl, whisk fresh lime juice and olive oil. Add coleslaw, onion, and cilantro. Toss to coat. Season with salt and pepper.

Heat a large skillet and add a few tablespoons of olive oil. Add tortillas in a single layer onto the skillet and add about ¼ of the bean mixture. Cook for about a minute and then fold over the tortilla. Cook on each side for about a minute each. Plate the tacos, then fill with the slaw mixture and feta cheese. Serve with hot sauce. You can also add yogurt or sour cream, sliced avocado and sliced jalapenos.


Jessica said...

Yum, I love feta cheese. Of course, even though it's a post about a healthy meal, I gravitate straight towards the cheese! Speaking of which, have you ever tried queso fresco? It's a Mexican cheese that crumbles sort of like feta does but it has a sort of mild flavor. It's really great with things such as tacos or tortilla soup. Anyway, the tacos look fantastic. I'm the same way with pictures -- they're at least half of a reason why I try any recipe.

Sweet as Coco said...

Im the same way...I LOVE cheese. I have tried the queso fresco, that is really good! the recipe called for feta but that is a good idea I may just have to try that next time!