Sunday, April 5, 2009

Malted Milkshake with Whoppers

I was the queen of “make believe” when I was a kid. The youngest of 3 girls, I was always left out on the sidelines so I had no choice but to make up my own fun.

When “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” came out, my imaginary brain would run in wild circles on what I would do if “I” got the golden ticket…I can tell you…I would probably be the one in the middle of the chocolate river. I’m just sayin’.

So in the midst of make believe and wishing I was a kid again, I saw a recipe for a Malt Milkshake in my May, Bon Appetit Magazine. (If you don’t get this mag….get it. It will never ever disappoint) AND since I made whopper cookies last week….I was lucky enough to have 2 boxes of Whoppers still in my pantry just begging to be used.

This was just what I needed to wash the ‘real’ world away…

For all my Whopper loving readers…this is for you.

Whopper Malted Milkshakes
Recipe derived from “Bon Appetit Magazine”, May 2009

2 ½ cups vanilla bean ice cream (I used Edy’s slow churned)
2 tablespoons of malted milk powder
½ cup milk
½ cup half and half
¼ cup coffee or chocolate liquor (optional)
½ cup Whoppers, crushed

In a blender, add milk, half and half, ice cream, and liquor. Blend until smooth.

Meanwhile, put Whoppers in a Ziploc bag and beat with a wooden rolling pin or mallet.

Pour milkshake into classes and top with Whoppers. Serve immediately.


Jeff said...

There is something therapeutic about taking a meat mallet to a Ziploc bag full of whatever ingredients to really help relieve stress.

Sweet as Coco said...

Jeff- Ditto that. I always have a mallet and ziploc bag handy.