Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Coconut Vanilla Bean Cupcakes with Coconut Vanilla Bean Frosting

My sisters exact words when biting into one of these cupcakes were: “If I were to bite into Hawaii, this is exactly what it would taste like.” She’s right. These cakes are downright heavenly.

In fact they are so coco-nutty they will make you think you were relaxing on a beach with a coconut drink in hand slathered in Hawaiian tropic suntan lotion. Oh how I love that smell.

April’s Bon Appetit was downright evil. Evil because their dessert section was just so darn tempting, I am embarrassed to admit that I have sampled nearly all of them so far. And as a result, it has left my waistline growth quite questionable. I won’t lie…it was worth every delicious bite.

Naturally I am drawn to cupcakes so these coconut cakes were the very first thing I noticed when I flipped through the magazine. But apprehension lingered from my last attempt at making a coconut cupcake that was borderline gross.

But these were different: You reduce coconut milk down and use that as your milk/buttermilk addition to the mixture. The coconut milk leaves these moist and tender and absolutely the perfect consistency. The frosting was fluffy, sweet and rich from the coconut milk.

The overall verdict: (See above.) My sister loved them, I shoved an entire cake in my mouth spitting out a mouthful of crumbs saying “ughh…that’s GOOOOD!” I served these after Easter dinner …they got rave reviews. I will DEFINITELY try these again!

The dessert set up for Easter!
My Grandma bought me the cupcake stand!

Now…I found some fault in the recipe as it said it would take about 25 minutes…well it took more like 55 minutes….and that included me boiling it over. Ugh…will I NEVER learn? In order to reduce, it said put it on high but that resulted in several boiling over incidents. Not good. However, keeping a watchful eye and possibly putting the milk in a much larger pan may work out for the better next time.

The reduced coconut milk

I changed the recipe up a bit and added 2 teaspoons of coconut extract to the frosting. I think next time I may add more to the cakes but honestly, they were fine the way they were. Instead of kosher salt, I used Fleur de Sel sea salt. I also used unsweetened light coconut milk.

The Fleur de Sel

If you would like the recipe from Bon Appetit, click here.


Jessica said...

Isn't the dessert section of the April BA fabulous? I want to make every single one but between TWD and other groups, I haven't had time to make extra desserts. Those coconut cupcakes are high on my list of things I'd like to make and I was really happy to read that they taste as good as they sound.

Sweet as Coco said...

Yes, BA's April was aweseome. Even the dinner entrees were great. MY magazine is SO tattered. I've read it 100 times. I agree...TWD keeps me busy with desserts which is why I had to bow out this week so I could make some spring ones for Easter. But MAN oh MAN...its dessert over load here. haha! Definately try these...you will LOVE them!

Jeff said...

Now I want a coconut drink. Stupid work cutting into my drinking time.

This is one of the reasons why I don't bake. I would end up eating every last freaking cupcake in one sitting. Out of guilt I would end up at the gym playing racquetball for hours and hours.

Sounds delicious!!

margot said...

Those look so good! I wish I hadn't used my leftover coconut from two weeks ago for macaroons. I love Bon Appetit, I get more use out of it than any other magazine I subscribe to.

Shannon (The Daily Balance) said...

YUMMY coconut! ;)

Miss Cellaneous said...

I haven't read the whole article ... I got lost in that photo. Amazing!

Sweet as Coco said...

Thank you girls!!! They were quite tasty!