Monday, April 19, 2010

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

I must say, I've been lucky to have a baby who takes a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon. It gives me enough time to cool my jets, throw in about 3 loads of laundry and possibly consider baking something (or prep dinner).

Just after bringing home the baby, Food Network had a pie special that had my toungue wagging. I for one, am not a pie person. I never really cared for it, therefor, I haven't really made many pies! For some reason every pie on this show, I wanted to try. So I printed off most of the recipes and vowed that they would not collect dust.

My husband made a Costco run last week and purchased a huge 5 lb package of strawberries. We eat quite a bit of fruit, but eating 5 lbs of anything in a limited amount of time is pushing it. So when I was leafing through my pie recipes I figured, why not try a strawberry rhubarb pie! I've never prepared rhubarb and I am pretty sure I've never even had a strawberry rhubarb pie. So when I put little G down for her nap I decided to get started. I worked in stages so that if I got interrupted I could work in pieces. Luckily, the filling came together in minutes.

Now when I say, it came together in minutes, I have to admit--I cheated and purchased a pie crust. I've made my own pie crust before, but I do need a bit of practice. And since I have very limited time for just 'practice', I had no other choice but to use the store bought in this case if I was going to get this pie completed during one afternoon. Has anyone ever tried Trader Joe's pie crust?? If you haven't...try it! It's soo good. It tastes homemade and certainly not the cardboard taste of the Pepperidge Farm brand.

Hey, I told you...I have a baby. I'm all into a short cut if it's good!

The verdict? Despite the very 'rustic' look of the pie it was sooo good! (I won't go into details as to why--lets just say I forgot to add something and had to rip off the top and surgically put it back together). The crust was flaky and buttery. I really loved the raw sugar sprinkled on the top. The filling was just the amount of tart and sweet. I couldn't resist and cut into it before my husband got home. He's lucky I didn't eat the entire thing.

I can't believe I never make fruit pies...they are so easy!

For the recipe, click here!

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