Tuesday, July 28, 2009

TWD: Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

This week’s TWD could not have come at a better time. First, its summer. Second, I absolutely love ice cream. (Chocolate and vanilla bean to be specific).

Despite how easy this ice cream was to make, I still put it off until the last minute. I’ll never learn. I bake under pressure. It’s just what I do.

I really enjoyed this ice cream. The only thing I changed was using 5 egg yolks instead of 6. I added the vanilla bean and planned on using vanilla extract in addition, but forgot in my haste to get this in the ice cream maker this morning.

I would definitely make this again. I think tomorrow this may go in between some cookies!

Thank you to Lynne of Cafe LynnyLu for hosting this week. Head over to her page for the recipe. Don’t forget to check out what the other TWD bakers were up to this week!
Chilled custard
Starting to churn the ice cream
Churned ice cream


margot said...

Looks great! I planned to add vanilla extract, but I can't remember if I did. Enjoy it with cookies.

AmyRuth said...

First I love your spoon. Awesome! Well, who doesn't love that ice cream? Wow, it was a hidden jewel in my book. Many others had made it numerous times, me, this is my first and I am excited with its simplicity and possibilities for use as a base in other various flavor additions. Yippee! I procrastinate too. So I loved it!

Megan said...

I also used 5 egg yolks instead of 6 - and next time I'll only use four. But it was still really good!

Jessica said...

The ice cream sandwich is such a wonderful way to enjoy ice cream, in my opinion anyway. I hope that you got to enjoy some of your fabulous vanilla ice cream with cookies!

Lisah said...

Hey good work busting out the cuisinart! I got mine out last week too. I made the Strawberry out of the new Gourmet!

TeaLady said...

this was good, wasn't it.

Lynnylu said...

Lovely ice cream. Thanks for making Dorie's recipe with me.

Amanda said...

I agree, this is a wonderful ice cream. :) My husband isa vanilla ice cream FREAK, it's like he can't get enough :)