Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Day of Decorating Cupcakes

Some days should just be devoted to cupcakes.

Last week, my friend Shannon and I got together to work on our cake decorating skills since we have been playing hooky from practice all summer.

Truth is, I thought that I had totally forgotten how to even make a rose…and worried my 8 weeks of Wilton had just gone down the tubes. But after a little practice, I realized, it’s just like riding a bike.

The cake is a deep dark moist chocolate cake and I used my go to recipe. The frosting is also my go to frosting, for the recipe click here. The only alterations were that I added the seeds of a vanilla bean and omitted the chocolate of course. The decorating frosting was from Wilton, if you’re interested, contact me.

Not bad for a mid-week snack!

Stay tuned….I’m baking up chocolate malted cookies and there is a possibility of ice cream being involved!


isabelle said...

Soo cute!
You are truly talented baker!

Jessica said...

Those cupcakes are adorable! I have to bring cupcakes to work on Friday - I'd love some suggestions for a killer cupcake.

Coco Bean said...

those are incredible! I absolutely love the grapes!

TeaLady said...

I loved those courses and making the roses, etc. Love the ruffled edges on yours, even tho' our instructor said they weren't real roses with the ruffles. Peuh!