Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Sweet Addiction, and My Love of Pretty Things

I’m not sure what has come over me, lately, but I have fallen into the cupcake phenomenon and become pretty obsessed. Since May, I have pretty much baked cupcakes every weekend, mainly because : 1. Why not? 2. I love Cupcakes! And 3. Friends and family caught wind of my cupcake ability and have hired me (for free) to make them cupcakes for bachelorette parties, birthdays, and graduations.

It’s been a busy 6 months. My sweet neighbor 'A' has been great in helping me sample new cake flavors and frosting's and even let me drag her along to a cupcake class.

For her Birthday this summer, I thanked her by making her my famous zebra cupcakes. OK, I am only neighborhood famous but nonetheless...

Dark Chocolate Zebra Cupcakes

For my Birthday a few weeks later, she got me these great little cupcake plates! I. LOVE. Them.

Cute lil' Cupcake Plates

I mentioned that I made cupcakes for numerous people this summer, didn’t I? Well, my cousin 'L' got married September 13 and I stood up in her wedding at Old Mission Point, in Traverse City, MI. I involved myself with making cupcakes for 2 of her parties, I made my zebra cupcakes, and I also made my triple vanilla bean cupcakes.

Triple Vanilla Cupcakes. Notice they match the wedding colors!

Bearing the pouring rain .....
Z Blushing Bride and her groom...
isn't she stunning?
Me! This was before I yelled at the groomsman for stealing the umbrella...sorry...I'm a woman who is not afraid to tell you what I need. ha!

Old Mission Point Lighthouse in Traverse City, MI

As a thank you, she got me these great little wash cloths rolled up in cupcake papers! Aren’t these cute!?

See!? Didn't your mother ever tell you all those 'good' deeds would soon pay off?? I think I am reaping ALL the benefits!


Anonymous said...

Your cupcakes are DELICIOUS, especially the vanilla bean ones. I am so glad you brought them to the bachelorette beach bash!


Sweet as Coco said...

AW~ Thanks Chelsea! You are by far the best drink master! :)