Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Banana Cream Pie

I was never one to order or make a pie.  After joining TWD (Tuesday's with Dorie) a few years ago, I began to break out of my cake/cookie mold and started to try new things, including pies.  While I need serious work on my pie crust skills, I must say I really enjoy homemade pie!

The last time I made this pie, I made a ton of alterations-adding a peanut butter layer and a chocolate ganache layer.  It was SOO good but I wanted to just try making a simple version as I was already tackling a few other desserts for Easter.

I made sure I read my notes from the last time I made this--I had a bit of trouble with the custard layer curdling on me.  This time, I was greatly prepared for this and as soon as this started to remotely bubble, I yanked it off the stove as quick as possible and ran it through a sieve over a clean cool bowl.  The custard was a complete success!  I was very pleased with the taste of the cinnamon!   One shortcut I had to make--the pie crust.  I bought a pie crust at Trader Joe; it is very close to homemade if you are in a pinch.  I will say, this pie was excellent...but would have been perfect had I made my own crust.

Click here for the recipe, I followed it to a T with exception of the pie crust.

For my alternative version with peanut butter and chocolate ganache, click here.

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