Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Chocolate Flower Cupcakes with Fondant Lady Bugs and Flowers

I made these cupcakes for my friend's shower this weekend in order to fill in the gaps of additional guests.

At first, I chose cupcakes because, typically, they are relatively quick and easy.  Of course, while researching "You Tube" for some decorating techniques for the cake, I found this cute little technique and decided, I had to try it!

Fast forward to the day before the party, I was in full force cake decorating mode.  I get my bag and tip together (a Wilton 124 tip) and discover I had a major problem.  A left handers problem.  Crap.  Why didn't I think of this while I was at the cake store?  Surely they were now closed.  I was going to have to get handy with my right hand, or convince my husband to do it.  I decided that me using my right hand to pipe the frosting was probably my best bet.  By the second cupcake, I had carpal tunnel. (Seriously, my wrists are hurting from rolling out all the fondant from the cake).  Then, the light bulb went off....I could use my left hand, I just had to work in the opposite direction.  From then on, it was smooth sailing.

What I love about these cupcakes is that they look like a flower!  They are so cute and look great with the lady bugs.  These cupcakes were a true hit with all the guests, especially the kids!  I will surely use this technique again!

I used my go to chocolate cake, and this vanilla buttercream.


Dana said...

So cute! Are they regular sized cupcakes? They look so perfect!

Sweet as Coco said...

Thanks! They are regular sized cupcakes.