Tuesday, February 24, 2009

TWD: Caramel Crunch Bars

It’s TWD again and it’s time for Caramel Crunch bars hosted by Whitney of What’s Left on the Table. These are from pages 112-113 from Dorie Greenspan's, "Baking From My Home to Yours"

I am pleased with myself this month because I participated in TWD every single week! Next month is 5 Tuesdays and as I enter my second session of Wilton, we will see what happens!

I decided to make these bars: one because I love a good shortbread, and two they just looked fun to pair them with ice cream. Fortunately to for me, these were rather easy. Easy enough to START baking these…Tuesday morning. Actually I was dealing with a whole other cake crisis so anyone requesting something from me can just take a number. LOL. (Whoa…testy—I think I need a piece of cake)

I altered the bars by adding toasted slivered almonds because I didn’t have heath, the closest store near my house didn’t have them and I wasn’t bearing the sub zero temps in the middle of a cake crisis to search further…as that would have sent this girl to the nut house!

I am not sure if it was just my bars, but they seemed not crunchy enough meaning they had the consistency that I didn’t cook them long enough? Not sure if anyone else had that problem or if that is the way they are supposed to be (I even cooked them a few extra minutes).

Regardless of my uncertainty of what they were supposed to be, I really enjoyed them. I love shortbread, probably because I am a big fan of butter. ;) . I thought the almond topping added great flavor and a nice crunch.

I made espresso ice cream the other day so I figured it would be a great accompaniment to the bars. So sinful, yet so good! One bite. That. Is. All. I’m. Allowed. Why? Because…these aren’t figure friendly! Sorry…this girl is on Vacation next week and I still need to fit into my spring-ish clothes.

Thank you Whitney for hosting this truly delectable treat this week!

Check out how the other bakers did by clicking on Tuesday with Dorie’s blogroll.

I’m off to frost this fix a cake disaster….ciao.


Jules Someone said...

Ooooh. Nice looking bars. I like the idea of espresso ice cream.

Kristin said...

Those look awesome! Love the mountain of ice cream between the two bars. Well done!!

Sweet as Coco said...

Thanks girls!

Anonymous said...

They were awesome with ice cream! I didn't try too much because I am on vacation next week too. Hope you enjoy your trip

Jessica said...

Yum, the ice cream between the bars looks amazing . . . I bet it tasted even better!

cakeflower said...

Not sure I could get my mouth around that sandwich...but I sure would try my hardest! Yumm!

Sweet as Coco said...

I couldnt quite get my mouth around it either. :( I still ate it though!! Maybe I need to get a smaller scoop? But that would mean...less ice cream!