Monday, August 18, 2008

I am finally cooking

I have loved cooking for as long as I can remember. When I was little I would leaf through my grandma's Woman's Day looking at amazing looking cakes, or meals and I would think, "WOW! I wish I could eat that."

Unfortunately, my mother wasn't much for trying extravagant recipes from magazines as she was a very busy working mama (after all it was the 80's and the time of economic pitfalls so my mother was forced back to work shortly after I was born). Although my mother was good at the basics she certainly didn't have time to spend in the kitchen, and chose to spend her extra time with her true passion in life, her 3 girls.

But this didn't stop my interest. The times my mother would cook I would stand beside her in awe watching her stir and always wait for my hand out --and lick the spoon. I can remember when I was 5 and I received my first easy bake oven from my Grandma Marge. I loved it. I really felt like I was a chef in the kitchen.

As I got old enough to use the oven, I can remember making cakes ( yes,* sigh * from a box but at the time I didn't' know there was any other way). I can remember my first try on a white layered cake with white frosting I made for my dad. The entire cake was nearly smashed to pieces and a mangled mess of cake and frosting, but he still ate it. No matter how terrible my creations turned out, I can remember, my dad would ALWAYS eat it.

Today, I still LOVE to cook. I would have to attribute much of my skills to being a devoted fan of the Food Network. I'm a scientist and chemist by training, I have no formal cooking training other than a few cooking classes I take here and there. Although I ditched my training and career in Science, I still feel like a chemist in the Kitchen.

I may have missed my calling as a pastry chef, but this blog will be my baby, my release of my so called creative energy and the documentation of my trials and errors in cooking and baking!


LisaRL said...

I loved my easy bake oven too! WE have to convince you and jojo to move up here so we can start our joint venture catering service, we'd tear up the scene with our creative organic dishes using local fair and Seabolt Flair!!!!

Sweet as Coco said...

I know, that easy bake made me feel like a chef, until all my packets were gone and that was the end of that! We totally need to start our own biz--Jojo loves T.C...maybe one day :)